Collected Theoretical Papers in Economics, Volume 1.

Development, Markets and Institutions, Oxford University Press, 2005

On Volume 1 of Kaushik Basu’s Collected Theoretical Papers in Economics

“It is wonderful to see Kaushik Basu’s papers being put together in these volumes. His works have greatly enriched economics and the social sciences, and it is extremely useful to have these essays collected together in this way. This is quite an event for the discipline.”

-Amartya Sen, Harvard University

“Kaushik Basu is a world-class economist. He also writes gloriously. This unusual combination of talents and achievements makes his essays both a pleasure to read and a source of much instruction.”

-Roger Myerson, University of Chicago

“Basu’s papers achieve the ideal of all economics. He not only shows how humans behave, but he also shows how such knowledge can be used to create a more humane world. Could there be more to accomplish?”

-George Akerlof, University of California, Berkeley