Collected Theoretical Papers in Economics, Volume 3.

On the Existence of Paretian Social Welfare Relations for Infinite Utility Streams with Extended Anonymity (with T. Mitra).

Welfare Law and Globilization, Oxford University Press, 2007

On Volume 3 of Kaushik Basu’s Collected Theoretical Papers in Economics

“This is a great collection of excellent contributions by Kaushik Basu on some of the most difficult issues of analytical and applied economics. Since these difficult questions are also central to the making of practical policy, the importance of these contributions goes far beyond their intellectual interest. Kaushik’s unusual skill in bringing original ideas into discussion even as he sorts out – and disciplines – already existing ways of thinking is brilliantly used here.”

-Amartya Sen, Harvard University

“Kaushik Basu’s breadth of interests, ranging from the philosophical foundations of economics to issues of immediate policy relevance, and the depth of his scholarship, never cease to amaze me. Read this book and you will understand why.”

-Avinash Dixit, Princeton University

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